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Weird Hacks to STOP you from biting your Finger Nails

How to STOP your Terrible Habit

It takes approximately 21 days to break a bad habit, right? Right! I’m going to take you through how I broke my terrible habit of 19 years, in just 2 weeks.

First things first, realize just how bad your habit is. Are you doing it just when your bored, or are you doing it because maybe you’re nervous? 

Try Gum:

My number one tip for you, is try gum. Some may say people will bite their nails when they’re hungry, to take away the time. Others relate biting nails to anxiety. Chewing gum gives you something to do, keeping you busy.

Paint your Nails with a Nail Hardener:

I recommend using Miracle Nail, which is a nail polish that drys hard, or Sally Hansen Hard as Nails. It’s pretty much Acrylic nail polish. It hardens, and it’s pretty hard to get off. When I’d go to bite my nails, I would just pick at the nail polish. Which was a pain to get off. If it’s hard to get off, you’ll leave it alone

Try a Toothpick:

If you don’t have gum, or Acrylic nail polish, use a toothpick. Don’t leave it in your mouth all day, being it may cause damage to your front teeth, but chewing your nails is even worse for your teeth. 


If none of that works, literally take a sharpie and drawn a “X” on each of your nails. A big fat X. This will remind you to stop what your doing. Or just use a red nail polish, either works. 

Something to keep your Busy:

To keep your hands busy, instead of biting your nails, pick up anything. Like a pen, your phone, Rubik Cube, or even a fidget spinner, and just play with it. My favorite has been a squishy stress ball.  This will keep your mind off the subject of biting your nails.

Get your Nails Done:

Getting your nails done is a good one. Taking the time to go get your nails done, paying for it, and seeing how nice your nails look. Will make you rethink about biting off that nicely painted nail polish. 

Store Solutions:

There are solutions in store to help you with your habit. Go to your local drug store and grab some No bite nail polish. This is a nail polish that taste very gross, so when you go to bite your nails you’ll spit it out. The only bad thing about this is, every time you wash your hands, you must reapply the polish to your nails. So it’s a hassle and almost not worth it. It’s not my favorite.

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