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How to make your Eye shadow Last: Day & Night

How to prevent your Eyeshadow from Fading

Do you ever get up in the morning, put on a bomb smoky eye, then Bam! Within an hour to two, its gone. Just like that! Eyeshadow tends to fade out within time, and just looks disappointing. So, how does one keep Eyeshadow on longer?

Disappointed Female

Tip 1: Primer 

 Starting with a primer will keep your eyeshadow from creasing, and just looking sloppy. No one wants a sloppy Eyeshadow look! But be sure not to use too much primer, this could make your eyelid super oily, and your eyeshadow will crease intensively. 

Placing A Primer On A Females Eyelid

Tip 2: Concealer

If you don’t have a primer, try a lighter shade of concealer and top that off with some loose powder, or a light shade of eyeshadow. Using a lighter shade will make your eyeshadow look alive and vibrant! 

Tip 3: Setting Spray

If your eyeshadow doesn’t have the best pigmentation, try spraying some water or setting spray to your eyeshadow brush. This will help you get more pigmentation to your lid. Don’t drench your brush! You only want your brush to be lightly toasted with the water/setting spray. 

Super Blue Eye With Smoky Eye

Tip 4: Use your finger 

Use your finger! Using your finger will get you that deep, thick spread of eyeshadow. Your eyeshadow isn’t going anywhere after that! 

Applying Eyeshadow With Your Finger

Tip 5: Don’t blend to harshly!

You’ll take away all your pigment, and take away your base. Blend lightly, and carefully. 

Terrible Makeup

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