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How to Apply Foundation

How to Apply Streak Free Foundation:

We each have our own Tips and Tricks for makeup, especially with foundation. Foundation can be a lot of things, like caked, clumpy, uneven and streaky. So I am here to share my Tips and Tricks with you!

First things first, get the perfect foundation for your skin. A lot of different foundations cover different types of skin. My skin is more on the combination side, so I tend to go towards Matte, or oil free foundation. Also, determine whether you want a dewy or Matte finish. It may take some time trying to find the perfect foundation, but it’s so worth it in the long run.

Do a Skin Test

To find the right color of foundation, either test it on your neck, or your wrist. I always match the color to my neck, not my body. That is your own preference. Keep in mind, there are so many different forms of Foundation (cream, powder, liquid, etc). You may need to change the color of your foundation for when the seasons change, when we are a bit darker in the summer and lighter in the winter. 

Testing Out Concealer Shades To Fit Face Color

Find the Perfect Blender

To blend your foundation, you can use a beauty sponge or a foundation brush. It’s entirely up to you. I prefer a beauty blender because it gives me more of a sheer, soft coverage. If you are using a Brush, It may take longer to get a good even coverage, but it does give you more product to work with.  The Beauty blender tends to soak up more product. 

Start with a Primer

To start, I recommend using a foundation primer, or just apply some lotion. I always aim towards lotion, with my skin being a good combination, I apply my lotion where my dry spots tend to be. This way, my T-zone won’t get too oily throughout the day. 

Simply take your foundation, and dot some product onto your face. I recommend starting out with a little bit, then blending it out. A little goes a long way.

Brush it Out

With your brush, move outwards and up, blending along the way. Moving in small circles really helps get the product into your skin faster, making is streakless. Be sure to move fast, knowing that the foundation may harden, or thicken up, making blending harder. And somewhat impossible. 

Blend it Out

A beauty Blender is a lot different than a foundation brush. With the Sponge, you don’t rub, or move in curves. You simply just dab the product into your face, using light ponces until all the product is blended and even. 

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