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How to Apply Eye shadow: Step by Step

How to Apply Eye Shadow:

Eye shadow is a great asset to makeup, once you conquer it of course. It really is just about blending. Now, everyone has their own way of doing eye shadow, feel free to experiment with different colors and techniques. 

Gold Eye Shadow Look With Some Red And Purple In The Crease

Step 1:

First, Prime your lids! This is key if you want a nicely, blended out eye shadow look. For Primer, you could use a lid primer or just use a drop of concealer and blend it to your eyebrow bone.

Placing Eyelid Primer On Female Using A Makeup Brush

Step 2:

After priming, take a neutral shade, like a tan color and gently sweep it all over your lid. This will just set your primer or concealer so nothing moves throughout the day. 

Swatching Eye Shadow On Inner Arm

Step 3:

Now, take the darkest color you will be using and gently buff it into your crease. The movement of your brush is going to indicate how well the blending will turn out. My trick for you, is to go in super small circles, and just repeating it until you have the look you want. Depending how many colors you are using, depends on how many times you are going to repeat some steps. 

Smoky Eye

Step 4:

 A great tip is dragging that dark shade to your bottom lash line, but don’t drag it all the way to your inner corner. This will give you the effect that you eyes are closed more, making them look smaller. By only going about half way, maybe even a quarter of the way gives you the effect of a cat eye, making you look awake and bright.  

Liner Water Line With Eye Shadow

Step 5:

This one is my favorite! After using your darker shade, take a shiny color, or the lightest color you are using and place it on your lid. I normally just use my finger to apply and get all that pigment. Put it right in the corner of your eyelid, extending it to your wanted length. 

Female Getting Her Makeup Done

Step 6:

Now that your almost done, apply your winged eyeliner, and mascara or fake lashes and you’re all set! 

Female Doing Her Makeup, Heavy Eye Makeup

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