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How to Contour to Be Camera Ready [Makeup Tutorial & Video]

Today I am going to show you exactly how to get camera ready using heavy contouring. . I’ll outline exactly which products I am using, as well as how to apply the makeup.

Makeup Used

Primer: Porefessional Primer

Foundation: Loreal-Infallible Pro Glow-201

Concealer: Loreal -Infallible full wear-325

Setting Powder: Revolution-Banana

Contour and Highlight: BH Cosmetics- Blushing in Bali

Lips: UltaBeauty Patent Shine- Firenze

Step #1

Put a dime size amount of primer all over your face to minimize pores and give you smooth looking skin on camera!

Step #2

Take a beauty sponge and dab in your foundation to your face. Make sure you use an even coat all over your skin, for flawless looking skin. Start in the middle of your face and work it outward!

Step #3…

Take your concealer and apply it under your eyes, chin, down your nose, cupids bow, middle of forehead, and any blemishes or dark spots you many have, then use your beauty sponge to dab it into your skin.

Once you have completed steps 1-3 use an angled brush and your contour, and start contouring your face. Start at your cheekbones, then your temple, forehead if needed, jaw, and your nose. Use upward motions to lift your face instead of dragging it down.

Next step is to set your concealer, so take your setting powder and a fluffy brush and brush the powder into the places that you don’t want to slide around during the day or while you’re on camera.

Next is HIGHLIGHT! Take one of your makeup brushes and start applying your highlight to above your cheek contour, a little on your chin, your nose, above your eyebrows to lift your face,and your cupids bow.

Final step, Lips! Apply your lipstick to finish off your look!

And now you are camera ready!!

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