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Everything you NEED to know before getting a Perm:

My Personal Experience! 

Getting a perm is a big deal. If you have naturally poker straight hair, you will love getting a perm! Getting a perm isn’t like getting your hair dyed, you are completely changing the texture of your hair! And you are going to love it, and hate it at the same time. Let me tell you why…

Pretty Female With Perm

Your hair must be in great Condition!

Your hair needs to be in really good condition to follow through with the perm. A perm consist of completely stripping your hair, and replacing it with chemicals. Be warned! Your hair could fall out if it isn’t the healthiest. 

Hair Loss

Be Prepared!

Go into your stylist with pictures of what you want. Whether that’s loose curls, or tight curls. There are many different types of perms. Remember, the curls will fall within time, so listen to your hair stylist. They are the professionals! Also keep in mind, many pictures on the internet may not be of a perm, rather than just curly hair curled with a iron. 

Changing your Hair Routine!

I bet you didn’t think about having to change your hair routine. That’s right. If you once had straight hair, and go to curly hair. That’s a big jump. Be prepared to change your shampoos, your hair products, hair brushes and even the type of towel you use to dry your hair. 

Female With Half Straight And Curly Hair

Taming your Frizz

Use a microfiber cloth to towel dry your hair. This won’t give you as much frizz as a normal bath towel. Go easy on your hair when towel drying! Scrunch your curly hair upwards when dying. 

Drying Hair With A Bath Towel

No Touch!

DO NOT play with your hair once its done. Just don’t do it Okay? You can literally perm Frizz into your hair. 48 hours is all it takes! 

Red Head With Curly Hair Looking Nervous

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