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How to Apply Self Tanner for Natural Results (5 Easy Steps)

How to Apply Self/Fake  Tanner at Home PLUS Alternative Tips!

Self care is a real thing, even if that means fake tan. No one wants to walk around looking like a carrot, or even having an uneven, streaky tan. No Bueno 

Follow along with this Easy 5 Step Guide for getting a Natural Fake Tan at home! From prep, to alternatives for tanning mitts! Are you ready to become a professional at Applying Fake Tanner?

This is obviously the most important step. Take a gentle exfoliator, like the Dove Exfoliating Body Polish, which is my favorite! Or else I wouldn’t be telling the whole world about it! Pay attention to the rough, dry spots the most. Like, your knees, elbows, ankles, and hands. Dry skin will make your tan have spots from where your skin wouldn’t take in the product, or fear becoming patchy. Shaving is a natural exfoliator for your skin! Take your razer and just do a quick shave if your feeling a little extra. I notice when I Shave before tanning, my tan is much smoother looking. 


Moistening your skin before tanning is super important. Take your favorite lotion, and apply it to your ankles, elbows, knees and any dry spots. This just ensures that your skin will soak up the tanner evenly.

Last Minute Tips before Starting:

Lay down some Towels. Throw your hair up into a bun. Turn on some music. Make a sandwich and get ready! This may take a while… If you want tan lines, simply throw on a swimsuit! I recommend not tanning in a steamy room, or with a lot of moisture in the room. This could give you a spotty tan. 

Tanning Time:

Now that everything is ready, you can go ahead and get started. I recommend starting at your feet. This way, you won’t have to bend over and ruin your tan! Take your tanning mitt with product on it, and get to work. Don’t forget in between your toes, and behind your knees. Go in circles motions, making sure to not miss spots. If you do plan on tanning your face, which I normally do, be sure to take the product way into your hairline. You definitely do not want to be that person that doesn’t blend into your hairline!  

Don’t Move! 

Once you’ve gotten everywhere, just stand there for a few minutes. Try not to move, just to make sure that the product doesn’t shift, or get rubbed off on something. DO NOT SIT DOWN. I messed this one up. Just trust me, and stand there for a few. Once you have left it on for as long as you need, simply take a shower and wash it off! The longer you leave your Tan on, the darker it will be. 


Tanning Mitt: If you do not have a tanning mitt, just take a plastic bag and place that over your hand. Plastic Wrap works too! I’ve tried this, and it really works! This doesn’t waste any product either, because it doesn’t soak into the material like the mitt does. Or just a sock!

Tanning product is too dark: EASY! Mix it with your favorite body lotion and use as directed. 

Too Dark: It happens. Just take some lemon juice, and apply it to the darker spots! Or wherever you want to erase some tan. 

Too Light: Take some more product over that spot, just be sure to blend it super well! 

Reveal your Sunless Tan! 

There you go! Now you have a streak free, bronze tan! I hope this blog has help you perfect your tan!

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